Who likes hoods? - Overcap

Covering your head with an accessory is essential to practice an outdoor activity in summer as well as in winter. We often hear about the cap as the essential accessory. In winter, however, it can be replaced by a hat. But is it really the miracle solution? Hat, cap, umbrella, beanie … what is the best accessory to protect your head? Who likes hoods?

How can we like hoods?

Today many outdoor clothing has an integrated hood: fleeces, windbreakers, rain coats, etc.

Beyond the fashion and style that hoods bring to your figure, are hoods really practical and comfortable when you stay outside for a long time in variable and difficult weather?

Under a blazing sun, under a long downpour, under a strong gusty wind … in the long run, the hoods are not adapted to these weather conditions and disturb your comfort.

Some people are even “anti hood” because they cannot support them on their head!


An ordinary hood traps your head

The word is not too strong! Many people have the unpleasant feeling of being locked up when wearing a hood. This sensation is all the stronger when you have to tighten the drawstring of your hood so that it stays in place when it’s windy. It’s really not comfortable!


In the rain, your usual hood does not protect your glasses

Some hoods have a small cap which is supposed to provide additional protection. But the slightest breeze makes it useless, either because your hood has folded up by itself in the breeze, or because the rain does not fall vertically … In addition, your face is only partially protected.

Some clever people put a cap under their hood so that the rain protects their face and their glasses. It’s effective, but there are 2 layers of fabric that surround your head: in the long run, it’s really not ideal when it comes to ventilation!


A classic hood is not ventilated

The fabric of ordinary hoods touches your head. It is therefore not ventilated since it is in an enclosed space. And if the fabric of your hood is said to be “breathable”, in reality it only wicks away the heat of your perspiration …
In the rain, it becomes very uncomfortable in the long run because the hood makes you sweat profusely.

A regular hood is loud

As soon as you move your head, the friction noises of the textile prevent you from hearing the sounds of your surroundings. You are isolated from the world!
It is not ideal for conversations, nor to listen to the songs of animals and birds for those whose passion or profession it is …

Under the sun, a usual hood is … incongruous!

In fact, only a thin layer of fabric separates you from the fiery rays of the sun. It is a very weak protection, which is why nobody uses their hood in the sun.


Overcap is the alternative solution that makes you love the hood

Thus, the hood is not suitable for those looking for comfort to protect their head during their long outdoor sessions in a weather that can become difficult.

Potential alternatives, the hat and the cap do not actually do much better (read our article here which explains why), not to mention the umbrella which is also not completely adapted. It offers too much wind resistance and it is not practical if we need both hands …

Fortunately, there is an alternative: the removable Overcap hood.

Overcap is wider, stiffer and more ventilated than regular hoods

Thus, your head stays in the shade under the sun, it is protected from the wind up to 50 mph and comfortably sheltered from the rain and snow!

Thanks to its large retractable cap, it protects your glasses well from the rain!

Do you know of another hood that will protect you in all weathers?

Overcap brings you incomparable comfort over time, whatever the weather conditions!

Now that you have all the information you need to make your choice, you can’t wait to go on an all-day hike! 

Don’t forget that the most important thing is to feel comfortable during the whole hike. No matter what you choose, enjoy nature!