What better than a hat or a cap to protect your head?

The first reaction to seeing the Overcap hood is a question:

The Overcap hood, what’s better than a hat or cap?

Think carefully: when you are outside for a long time in variable and difficult weather, if the sun is getting scorching, if the rain drags on, if the wind gets stronger … in fact, are the cap and hat really that practical and if comfortable in the long run?

The cap does not protect the neck or ears from the sun

Of course, there is the “Saharan” type with textile veils on the sides and on the neck. But since these sails fly away at the slightest gust of wind, are they really effective in protecting yourself?

In all cases, Saharan or not, sunscreen is mandatory on the ears and neck when you plan to be in the sun for a long time. Is it really practical and comfortable?

Under a blazing sun, the hat or the cap make you sweat

In fact, only a thin layer of fabric separates you from the fiery rays of the sun. This is very weak protection

The result is that your head heats up like a pot under the hot rays of the sun. You sweat and because the hat or cap touches your hair or skin, sweat accumulates in it. Your cap is soaked and sweat is streaming down your forehead, down your eyes and sunglasses, etc. Is it really practical and comfortable?


The cap does not protect against the rain

“My bob or hat protects my ears and neck well,” you will say. But is your neck really well protected when the sun is not at its peak? The “Mexican” hat is effective with its wide brim… but it is a bit bulky 😉

Some clever people put a cap under their hood so that the rain protects their face and their glasses. This is effective, but there are 2 layers of fabric that surround your head: in the long run, your head is not ventilated and you sweat. Is it really practical and comfortable?

The hat barely protects better

In the rain, the hat makes water run from the back on … your neck! … Or between your neck and your backpack, which moistens your bag and its contents!

If the rain is not falling vertically or if it is windy, you should pull your hat harder over your head for better protection. Is it really comfortable?

The hat and the cap do not hold up against the wind …

… unless you tighten your cap on your head, especially as the wind is strong: it’s uncomfortable!
… Or if you tighten the cord of your hat on your neck. But a flurry from behind will gladly blow it away. Is it really practical?


Finally, you will agree with us that the hat or cap is neither very practical nor very comfortable when you are in long-term nature immersion under a changing and difficult weather.

Fortunately, there is an alternative: the removable Overcap hood.

The Overcap hood maintains an insulating and ventilated air space around your head

So your head, neck and ears stay well in the shade in the sun and are comfortably sheltered from rain, snow and wind!

In the rain, your glasses are well protected thanks to the retractable visor.

Do you know of any other head protection that is all weather and can withstand 50 mph wind?

Overcap brings you incomparable comfort over time, whatever the weather conditions!