Overcap hood

Bulky umbrellas, flying caps, embarrassing hoods … the list goes on!

Have you ever been confronted with these troubles?

To protectus from harsh weather, we all use umbrellas, hoods, hats or caps.

But in reality these accessories are neither very practical nor very comfortable, let’s face it

especially ifwe are forced to stay outside for a long time!

 So we created Overcap in response to the discomfort of existing products


The first rigid and independent hood, 100% comfort!


Overcap is a 3-1 hood that gives you protection and comfort when it’s raining, windy or when the sun is blazing.

At Oxaz, we want you to take full advantage of nature, whatever the weather!


Faced with coronavirus epidemic, we have designed this removable face shield for the Overcap hood.

It is very easy to install.

This gives you excellent protection against the projection of solid and liquid particles, dust, postillions (covid-19).

Use it with Overcap folded or deployed, depending on weather conditions!


Overcap has fine frames to provide increased and effective protection.

Your head is ventilated and your hands free.

You keep a total freedom of movements!




The straps of the hood attach to the shoulder straps of any type of backpack.

You can keep your favorite jacket and backpack.

Take Overcap everywhere with you!




Nets has been specially installed on the sides for a perfect conservation of your field of view.

The waterproof textile keeps your head dry and protects it from the wind,

Your head and neck are protected from fiery rays when the sun is out.



Overcap is wider than an ordinary hood

and less cumbersome than an umbrella.

What if the weather becomes lenient again?

Fold it behind your head …she is forgotten!


Once Overcap detached from your backpack,

put it in its compact cover like this:

You want to enjoy the outdoors?


With Overcap, rediscover nature without worrying about the weather!