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#11 OVERCAP – Last day of video shooting!

For the third and final day of shooting the official video of the Overcap hood, we went to a studio! Located in the Beaux-Arts district of Montpellier, the "Photo Bar" is an atypical space created by Ananda Regi: photo gallery, associative café, photo & video...

#10 OVERCAP – video shooting Day 2!

Second day of video shooting of the official video OVERCAP : finally!   We had to wait for the conditions to be met again for the second day of filming the video of the hood Overcap! The day was long but fruitful. We got up very early to watch the sunrise on Lake...

#8 OVERCAP – Video shooting – Day 1

The shooting of the official OVERCAP video has started ! We went to three beautiful natural sites in Herault department for a day of video shooting, with Otus Productions and our friends hikers and naturalists, who became actors for the occasion! Early morning at...

#7 OVERCAP – Larzac

After protecting us from the sun in recent weeks, the hood protected us during the last rainy episode.

The ease of deployment of OVERCAP was very useful to us by this capricious weather, between thinning and rain we were able to fold and unfold OVERCAP as we pleased.

#6 OVERCAP – Jasse Lake

We started the week with a fishing session near Montpellier! This was the opportunity for OXAZ to check that OVERCAP does not interfere with our movements during this activity!

#5 OVERCAP – Salagou lake

In these days of strong sunshine and heat, we organized a new OVERCAP test session in real conditions.

Do you dream of having your head protected from the sun, ventilated and free to move when you travel ? With OVERCAP, it’s possible !

#6 OVERCAP – The OXAZ team in french brittany !

During the hiking week organized in the Quimperlé region, the team went to the Breton coasts to introduce OVERCAP to the many hikers who came to participate in this event under the sign of nature !